Saturday, July 23, 2011

Oshan Whale Watch Sightings for 20 July 2011

"So, in the morning, we saw 9 pilot whales 4 1/2 miles from the harbour. They were moving pretty slow and there were 4 juveniles. There were around 12 or so more outside of us, scattered about. And as we were headed in, a small pod of 5 pilots, 3 of which were juvenile, passed us by. 

In the afternoon, 20 pilots were 1/2 a mile off Meat Cove and there were 8 juveniles and 1 baby. Once these guys moved away from us, another pod of 9 swam by. They had 3 juveniles and this was the same pod we saw the previous day on the 4:30 tour. 

By the evening, most of the pilots had gone except for a pod of 7. There were 3 juveniles, who were all close to being adults and the other 4 were all quite large.

First Mate Cheryl Fraser 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oshan Whale Watch Sightings for 20-July 2011

"Yesterday, as soon as we came out of the channel, there was a minke whale. He didn't stay for very long, only surfacing twice and then leaving. The rest of the tours were filled with pilot whales. The first was a small pod of 8 pilot whales 3 miles from the harbour in the morning. There were 2 babies and 3 juveniles with them. It was really hard to tell where were exactly, because the fog was surrounding us. The rest of the day, there were pilots between Meat Cove and Cape St. Lawrence and about a mile off shore. There were 2 pods that I got a good look at. The first one had about 12 whales with 2 babies and 4 juveniles. The other had 10 whales with only 3 juveniles. After these guys passed us by 3 large pilots came swimming after them. I'm pretty sure they were part of the same pod, just spread out a bit. There were 2 more pods father out, with maybe 8 whales in each pod. 

First Mate Cheryl Fraser"